Institut Henri Poincaré

May, 30th to June 1st, 2011


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Monday, May 30th 
9h-9h20 Welcome
9h20-10h00 De Nittis Giuseppe  TKNN-equations  for  Dirac-like operators
10h00- 10h40 Gabriel Olivier  Periodic Cyclic Cohomology of Quantum Heisenberg Manifolds
10h40-11h10 Coffee
11h10-11h50 Capraro Valerio  A geometric invariant coming from Connes' embedding conjecture
11h50-12h30 Grensing Martin  TBA
12h30-14h30 Pause
14h30-15h10 Ruzzi Giuseppe  Precosheaves of C*-algebras and their representations
15h10-15h50 Hillier Robin  Some K-theoretical aspects of local conformal nets
15h50-16h20 Coffee
16h20-17h00 Möller Sören  Radial Multipliers on Reduced Free Products
17h00-17h40 Yalkinoglu Bora  Une sous-algèbre arithmétique pour les systèmes de Bost-Connes
17h40-18h40 Cipriani Fabio Potential Theory and Spectral Triples on the Sierpinski Gasket
19h00-20h00 Cocktail
Tuesday, May 31th
9h-9h40 Paunescu Liviu  Sofic Actions
9h40-10h20 Carderi Alessandro  Cost for groupoids
10h20- 10h50 Coffee
10h50-11h30 Mercier Pierre-Adelin  Graphes de Cayley et relations d'équivalence
11h30-12h30 Morsella Gerardo  Asymptotic morphisms and scaling limit in QFT
12h30-14h30 Pause
14h30-15h10 Raum Sven  All finite C*-tensor categories are bimodule categories of a II_1 factor
15h10-15h50 Speelman An  Type II_1 factors with many Cartan subalgebras
15h50-16h20 Coffee
16h20-17h00 Brothier Arnaud  Maximal abelian subalgebras and the Takesaki equivalence relation
17h00-17h40 Deprez Steven  Fundamental groups of II_1 factors
Wenesday, June 1st
9h-9h40 Tanimoto Yoh Deformation of chiral conformal theory
9h40-10h20 Camassa Paolo  Thermal States in CQFT
10h20- 10h50 Coffee
10h50-11h30 Bischoff Marcel  Semigroup elements associated to conformal nets and boundary quantum field theory
11h30-12h30 Skandalis  Georges TBA
12h30-14h30 Pause
14h30-15h10 Le Maître François  Some interactions between unimodular random networks and orbit equivalence.
15h10-15h50 Martineau Sébastien  Indistinguishability of percolation clusters and ergodicity.
15h50-16h20 Coffee
16h20-17h20 Zsido Laszlo  Multiple recurrence for C*-dynamical systems